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Let us be your personal guide during your treatment at NADIYA

“Nowadays, Ukraine is becoming a trend in tourist, business, and medical areas. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the beautiful attractions, build billion-dollar companies or simply have a world-class surgical operation, get dental help, undergo cell therapy or receive IVF procedure.”
You want to know why all of this is happening? Then please check out our videos:
Citizens of many countries have visa-free privileges in visiting Ukraine. To check entry regime for your country, please find on your country on Wikipedia.
Travel to Ukraine document pack IVF
If your country is an exception and you need a visa, we offer professional support regarding visa issues to all our patients and their family members.
We will choose the right visa type that meets the demands of visa law and explains the purpose of your trip as medical treatment.
Meeting at the airport with a driver and comfortable car is part of our guest service. We arrange the transfer to the chosen hotel (all hotels have 8,3 and higher mark on where you enjoy a stress-free and comfortable environment during your visit to our clinic. Our team has performed an extensive analysis of the hotels in the city ensuring the capability to deliver a level of service meeting the highest European standards. These hotel options have provided guests with unparalleled levels of customer service throughout the years.
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Ukrainian restaurants and cafés are certainly created for a relaxing and enjoyable experiences. They are always tasty and cozy, staff are polite and helpful, dishes are cooked from natural products representing various cuisines from all over the world. Representing more than 20 world cuisines, including Ukrainian, Japanese, Caucasian, Oriental, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and others are at your service. Whether you want Arabic falafel or Japanese sushi, our client service will be able to find and book a place for you in the most suitable and delicious place according to your wishes.
Ukraine IVF tour restaurant
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best place to IVF abroad
During your stay with our medical facility, we would be proud to show you Kiev, the wonderful town in the heart of Ukraine, its capital and the largest city in the country. This city has so many things for a traveler to enjoy that it would take a private guide in Kiev to help you out. Usually, our guides plan a route that connects various places of interest and take our patients on an excursion that has some interest to them. If you are fascinated with history, you will explore the main historic sites from the oldest to the newest ones. If you want to enjoy local art and culture, you will dive into the finest galleries and private exhibitions. If you want to do shopping, you will be taken to the best spots this city has to offer.
Watch how famous travel bloggers have fun in our capital and be sure you will get the same positive experience!
Superstar celebrities choose Kiev as a place to shoot their music videos:
high rate IVF clinic abroad
And even Apple found no better place than our city to make a trailer for APPLE WATCH 3:
These past few years we were also honored to hold some international world class events:
fertility tour to Kiev
treatment infertility Ukraine
IVF clinic Kyiv tour
Moreover, if you want to try some new experiences – our team of guides has prepared a special list for you where you can choose and add to the package events most interesting to your family so we can adjust the entertaining program properly:
1. Visit Opera or Ballet Evening at the National Opera house of Ukraine.
national ukrainian ballet
National Opera during IVF tratment in Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine
2. Classic music concert at the National Philharmonic Hall.
Ukraine philharmonic
IVF tour abroad
IUI clinic Ukraine tour
3. Organ and chamber music concert at the National Roman Hall.
Ukraine fertility tour
Ukraine tour
IVF treatment services
We offer 4 and 5 stars quality hotels where your comfort is a top priority for all the staff. All these hotels offer special discounts for our guests.
Oberig 3*
Hotels 4*
Hotels 5*
Even if you do not choose any supplementary service program and arrange accommodation and meals all by yourself, the medical part and all procedures still remain the same for all our patients and we always treat all of you with great pleasure and respect.
So you can be confident that your trip to our clinic will be both successful for you as our dear patient and our dear city guest!

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