The clinic of reproductive medicine “Nadiya” – is:

  • Clinic that has in its arsenal all advanced reproductive technologies in world practice:
    • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis by comparative genomic hybridization method;
    • Embryoscopy;
    • IMSI;
    • Cryopreservation of eggs – clinic provides complex medical care;
    • Antenatal clinic – the observation of pregnancy until accouchement;
    • Fetal medicine department – a complex of prenatal diagnosis;
    • Fetal surgery.


The clinic of reproductive medicine “Nadiya” was created in the name of a very simple and understandable purpose – to make people happy. To hear the laughter of children and the first word “MUM” – with us it becomes possible. Our team realizes it by using modern methods of assisted reproductive technology and prenatal diagnosis, compliance with medical standards, implementation of advanced technologies and modern medical equipment, everyday diligent work and sensitive attitude towards patients in solving their health problems.


We strive for excellence in our work, for equal partnership with all stakeholders in providing medical care to ensure maximum satisfaction of our patients. Our work removes borders and language barriers – thousands of children who are citizens of dozens of countries were born with our help. Throughout daily hard work, we gain and hold the reputation of a leader in reproductive medicine. The highest achievement for us – it’s a recommendation of all our patients among their friends.


Maximum satisfaction of patients’ expectations of the Clinic of reproductive medicine “Nadiya” by:

  • the introduction of the latest world achievements in the field of reproductive medicine in our clinical practice;
  • the creation of advanced methods of infertility treatment through membership in international associations of reproductive medicine;
  • the ensuring of accessibility of clinic services through the development of programs of financial loyalty for patients and their psychological support.

The guidance of the “Nadiya” Clinic of reproductive medicine has defined the main directions of policy in the field of quality management, namely:

  • ensuring medical care that meets the expectations of patients, medical standards, and legal requirements;
  • improving the quality of medical care through the development, technical re-equipment, improvement of technologies, and methods of treatment;
  • providing financial access to medical care;
  • optimization of all processes in “Nadiya Clinic of Reproductive Medicine” to ensure effectiveness and to reduce the costs;
  • constant striving for technical and informational perfection;
  • ensuring of a systematic approach to the management and continuous improvement of all aspects of management activities to ensure high quality of care;
  • contribution to a good reputation among our patients, partners, suppliers of equipment, instruments and medications and other stakeholders;
  • improving the qualification of workers through training; participating in seminars, conferences, training courses; and conducting research and participating in international professional associations;
  • every employee contributes to the success of the clinic regardless of the position he occupies. We all understand the value and significance of each;
  • all employees provide maximum attention to each patient, maintain confidentiality;
  • creation of an atmosphere of participation by all staff of Nadiya Clinic.

By the proclamation of this policy, the guidance of “Nadiya” Clinic of Reproductive Medicine voluntarily assumes the obligation to comply with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008, follow legal and other applicable requirements, and constantly work on the improvement of the quality management system, increasing its effectiveness as the basis for improving the satisfaction of patients and other stakeholders.


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